Why was my receipt denied?

It should be the receipt for payment, not the check (for restaurants, for example, this would be the receipt you get for your payment, not the itemized list of what you purchased presented to you before you pay). Our team needs to verify your payment type, which can help us identify why your credit didn't show up automatically. Additionally, make sure the date and amount of purchase are included on the receipt. If the receipt shows the location address, be sure to include this in the photo as well.

It should be only one receipt. We do not accept photos with numerous receipts attached to them.

Be sure you select the proper payment type. We ask that you select the card you paid with (or cash, gift card, etc). If you paid with an American Express, MasterCard or Visa, be sure you have registered that card or your receipt will not be approved.

Our policy is to accept receipts going back as far as 2 weeks before you joined. Some merchants may choose to extend this period.

Some purchases can be delayed. If you enroll a card and immediately make a purchase with it (or enroll it immediately after making one) we may not receive a realtime notification from Visa/MasterCard/Amex. In these cases, the credit may still arrive after a few days. In such cases, we may not review your receipt until after this period has expired.


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