How can I redeem a reward without a smartphone?

To redeem a reward without a smartphone, log into your account here using your email address and password. Once you are logged in, click on your available reward and then click either 'redeem' (for manually redeemable rewards) or 'activate' (for statement credit rewards).

If your reward has 'Redeem' on it: If you click 'Redeem', it will ask you if you are ready to redeem it. Click 'Ok' and you will be brought to a screen with a countdown clock (some rewards have a coupon code on them as well). Print this page out and show it to a staff member before making your purchase (let them know that you do not have a smartphone). They will take the printed reward and manually apply your reward to your order.

If your reward has 'Activate' on it: If you click 'activate', the screen will refresh and say 'Activated'. Now, all you have to do is make a purchase with the card registered to your Thanx account, and the reward will be applied to your credit card within the week. You will be able to see the reward as a credit on the card statement for the card you used.
Note: This policy can vary by merchant.
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