I redeemed a reward, where will I see my discount?

If your reward has 'Redeem' on it:

Your order will have the discount taken off in-store, so you should see the discount on your receipt. In order to redeem rewards with 'Redeem' on them, you must show the reward to a staff member or scan your reward at a pay station to receive your discount. You will see the discount taken directly off your total at checkout.

If your reward has 'Activate' on it:

Your discount will be applied as a credit on your credit card within a week of when you used that credit card to make your purchase.

If you did not activate your reward before your purchase or did not use a registered credit card, your reward will not be applied. If you activated your reward before your purchase, used a registered credit card for your purchase and you do not see your discount after one week, contact support and we will assist you.

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