How do I redeem rewards?

There are two different ways to redeem your reward: in-store redemption and automatic redemption (which applies the reward directly back to your card after you make your purchase).

If your reward has 'Redeem' on it:

Click on the reward and then click the 'Redeem in Store' button (if In-store) or the 'Redeem online' button (If ordering in the app). The app will ask you if you are sure that you want to redeem the reward. Click the 'Continue' button and present the reward to a staff member who will apply the reward for you. If you see a barcode on the next screen, either you or a staff member must scan your barcode to redeem your reward. Be careful to not hit the 'Mark as Used' button, as this will make the reward disappear from your account. If you are redeeming the reward on an order made through the app, activate the reward by selecting the 'Redeem online' button and then going to your cart. The reward will appear at the top of your cart with a grey slider for activation. Once activated you will see it apply to your order total.

If your reward has an 'Activate' on it:

Click on the reward and then click the 'Activate' button. This reward will be applied to the next eligible purchase that you make with a registered credit card (check the reward for any restrictions). If you use a debit card, DO NOT use the PIN when making your purchase. After you make your purchase, you will be notified that your reward was applied and you will be able to see your discount on your credit/debit card statement within one week.

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